What is Equipotential bonding

Equipotential bonding main purpose is for protection, to reduce the risk of electrics shock, by connecting all metallic objects in a room or house to the Electrical Earth.


Why is it Equipotential Bonding Important?

A fault in a electrical appliance  may lead to all other metallic objects in the house to become live an expose people to electric shock. For example someone can get an Electric shock from a washing machine, because a component of the washing machine had a broken insulation and touched the external enclosure.  In this situation the bonding is the extra safety net to help discharge the current from the washing machine into the earth before it reaches someone.
It has another important  function, to discharge transient current from the installation in order to improve the life span of the installation.


Where should be installed?

By Regulation 411.3.1.2 BS 7671:2018 each Installation main protective bonding shall be connected to the main earthing terminal extraneous-conductive-parts including:
  • Gas pipes the earth clamp must be installed on the consumer side of the installation within 600 mm of the service meter or at the point of entry to the building if the service meter is external.
  • Water pipes clamp must be installed after the isolator tap and again 600 mm from meter or at the point of entry to the building if the service meter is external.
  • Other installation pipework and ducting


What indicate new Equipotential Bonding is needed?

  • Constantly tripping RCD.
  • Light bulbs constantly blowing.
  • Often get electrical problems that then (fix themselves).
  • Often get (Static Electric Shocks).



How to know if your house has the correct Earthing and Bonding?

It is not enough to visually check the presence of earthing and bonding. Only competent Electrician can verify if the Earthing and Bonding are present and correct and in norm with latest Regulation.


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